Expungements for Non-adjudications?

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Just because your case was "non-adjudicated," that arrest and charge will still show up on a background check!

I know this because today I helped a gentleman expunge an old arrest that was non-adjudicated...30 YEARS AGO! Unfortunately he found out the hard way when he was up for one more promotion at work and human resources decided to do that background check.

What is a non-adjudication, and why should you care?

Simple answer: A non-adjudicated charge is one in which you enter a plea of "guilty," and after successfully completing probation, paying fines, or other penalties, that guilty plea of yours is not entered into the criminal information system. Therefore, if someone tries to check your criminal record, the word "guilty" will not show up. HOWEVER, a successful non-adjudication DOES NOT clear the fact you were arrested and charged, and that will still show up on a background check!

Can you erase and expunge the arrest and charge from your record? YES!


Below is a link to another related blog post about guilty charges that can be expunged. Believe me, it's limited. And this is why non-adjudicated cases are important, because they DO NOT go on this list. As long as you successfully complete the terms of your non-adjudication plea, you can have the entire case-- arrest, charge, indictment, court pleas-- erased and expunged from your record as if it never happened!

If you'd like to learn more about clearing your record of old charges of any kind, call me at 601-460-4607.

Click here for more information about expungements

REMEMBER: Non-adjudication means the guilty part of your case goes away, but not the fact that it happened. Don't let your boss be the one to teach you this! Call now to find out about getting your expungement process started-- like it never happened!


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